Unchained by Lee A. Rugely

And man looked,  and saw that he had laboured too long beneath the yoke, for he knew the truth of gods. Gods had shewn humanity the depths of their soul, the bounds of their nature, and humanity had taken from them all they could offer. They had weighed them again,  and found them now wanting. In their service, love and hate grew indistinguishable, justice became but a farce, honour superfluous. Mankind had grown to know all more deeply, but their gods, their devils remained the same. Mankind had evolved to see beyond the horizons thought endless, to shine brighter than the lights which once had guided, but their deities yet persisted in darkness.

Humanity had awoken and arisen, and though the stamp of their lowly origin had yet to fade in full, most had come to comprehend them for what they were. Their deities were but the guardians of their primordial selves, grave-markers for a past best left behind. Thus did the giants become small, for what are clouds but low-lying fog to those who stand above? His future awaits.

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